Introducing the IPRC to Europe

The European Association for Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) held their annual conference from 4 to 6 May in Oslo, Norway. The Advocacy Committee of the International Professional Recognition Council (IPRC) took this opportunity to introduce the IPRC and the professional recognition programme for research management to the European research management community.

Dr Pamisha Pillay, Head of the IPRC Secretariat hosted by SARIMA and Jag Pabla, the EARMA representative on the IPRC, co-authored the presentation that was delivered by Caz McNamara, a representative of the IPRC secretariat. The 30-minute presentation provided insight into the aspirations of the IPRC to establish the professional recognition programme as a catalyst for professionalisation of research management in Africa, whilst drawing from international practises and standards to ensure global relevance. The key features and attributes of the Professional Competency Framework (PCF) and the operating model and support structure of the IPRC and the professional recognition programme was also discussed. The professional development journeys of three recognised professionals were shared through case studies to contextualise research management in Africa. Finally, the key lessons of the programme design and execution, which may be relevant to the European context, were shared and the scope for further collaboration with other research management associations to bolster the profile, professionalism and performance of research managers were highlighted.

In her video message to delegates, Dr Pillay highlighted that throughout the journey, the one challenge has been the constant need for funding to support the operations of the IPRC and the professional recognition programme while moving towards becoming self-sustainable. An important lesson has been that a new programme such as this takes time to truly get buy-in from its target market but herein also lies the opportunity to get those that have already been recognised and those who understand the value of such a programme to be our voices and our advocates.

“The presentation was very well received. The European delegates were very impressed by the amount of work that has gone into realising the PCF through the efforts of the IPRC and SARIMA, and also by the effect that professional recognition has had on some of the featured RMA’s career pathways,” Caz said on her return from Oslo.

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Written by Karin Dyason


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