A: From September 2021 applicants can create an account and work on their online applications in preparation for one of two annual review dates – 31 March and 30 September. Completed applications that are received by these dates will be reviewed in the particular review cycle. The IPRC usually announces a call for applications for the next year during September.

A: Applicants can pay the fee using one of the following options:

  • Pay online with a credit card or instant EFT
  • Request an invoice. Application will be processed once the invoice is paid.

A: There are costs involved in processing and reviewing applications and there generally is no refund if the application is unsuccessful. Applicants are encouraged to carefully consider the requirements before applying.

A: It confirms to your employer, colleagues, peers and other stakeholders in the research environment that you are committed to develop as a research management professional and have demonstrated core and transferable competencies as measured against the Professional Competency Framework (PCF) for research management and that you have contributed to significant achievements in and contributions to research management.

A: Review the requirements for the professional category that you are interested in. Then, create an account and log into the online application system. Once logged in click ‘Application’ and then ‘Complete Application’ and follow the steps.

Please note that the system will not allow you to move on without completing the fields marked with a red asterisk.

At the end of each page, you will have one of the following options: (a) ‘Save and remain editing’ to save your progress and continue editing on the same page; (b) ‘Save and Next’ to save your progress and move to the next page; (c) ‘Save and Exit’ to save your progress and log out.

When you want to continue with your application, you have to sign in again. Then, click ‘Application’ and ‘Edit Application’ to continue where you left off.

Click ‘Application’ and ‘Manage application’ to view / print your application.

A: You will receive a Professional Recognition Certificate, confirming your official professional designation. You can use this designation (RAP / RMP/ SRMP) after your name.

A: Each application is reviewed by a panel of at least three members of the Technical Review Committee of the IPRC after an initial screening for completeness. Applicants can expect to receive the outcome within three months of submission.

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