Earn training points towards RM professional recognition

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Did you know that you can earn training points towards professional recognition when completing training that is endorsed by the Training Endorsement Committee of the International Professional Recognition Council (IPRC)?

When applying for professional recognition applicants have to capture their research management and administration competence, experience, contributions and achievements and substantiate that with evidence. As part of this portfolio of evidence, applicants are also required to capture their completed training. In 2021 the IPRC introduced a training point system to encourage participation in quality training for research managers and administrators to advance their competence. Training is reviewed and if endorsed by the IPRCs Training Endorsement Committee will be allocated points. In general, one training point equals one learning hour. These training points can be used when applying for professional recognition and also when renewing or upgrading a professional designation. There are designations for new entrants to the profession (Research Administrator Professional – RAP), for mid to advanced career research managers (Research Management Professional – RMP) and for senior research managers in a research management leadership or strategic role (Senior Research Management Professional – SRMP). Designations are renewable after five years.

Read more about training endorsement and view a list of endorsed training (https://iprcouncil.com/training-endorsement/) and about professional recognition for research management/administration (https://iprcouncil.com/).

Written by Karin Dyason


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