Dr Tan Hsiao Wei from the University of Malaya and Prof Exnevia Gomo from the University of Zimbabwe recognised as SRMPs

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Dr Tan Hsiao Wei (SRMP), University of Malaya, Malaysia

“I am extremely honoured as the 47th individual to receive professional recognition from the IPRC.

On a personal level, it embodies the culmination of countless hours of dedicated effort, the passion I’ve poured into expanding my expertise in research management, and a commitment to constant learning and excellence. Professionally, this recognition propels my expertise in research management onto the international stage. It stands as a testament to my leadership in the field and opens doors for further growth and contribution. This isn’t just a milestone in my career; it’s a beacon highlighting the path forward.

Yet, the ripple effects of this recognition extend even further. It’s not just an affirmation for me, but also a noteworthy acknowledgment for Universiti Malaya, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and underlining our capability to cultivate internationally recognised professionals. This sets a powerful precedent for other professionals within our institution, inspiring a culture of continuous professional development.

Beyond our institution, this recognition holds a deeper meaning for my country, Malaysia, and for Southeast Asia. It asserts Malaysia’s position in the global landscape of research management, demonstrating that our nation is capable of nurturing professionals who can attain international recognition. It shines a spotlight on Malaysia and Southeast Asia, affirming our region’s competitiveness and capacity to contribute significantly to the global research management community.

In essence, this IPRC recognition isn’t merely a personal accomplishment; it serves as a beacon for Universiti Malaya, for Malaysia, and for Southeast Asia. It underscores our collective potential and paves the way for our continued strides in research management. I feel deeply humbled and thrilled to be part of this exciting journey, and I look forward with eagerness to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”

Prof Exnevia Gomo (SRMP), University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

“The IPRC recognition is a gratifying award that makes me feel satisfied that I have contributed significantly to the profession. It is not often that your peers can accord one such an honour unless one has excelled in their profession. The recognition is also a personal inspiration to achieve greater heights and build more competences. At institutional and regional levels, the recognition buttresses our institutions’ commitment to strengthening research management by demonstrating that research management is a critical profession globally. The IPRC award gives impetus to institutional and regional efforts to develop career pathways for research management personnel, and development of faculty for accredited training in research management.”

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