The Call for nominations for IPRC members is now open!

The IPRC was established as an autonomous body of expert research managers and administrators representing the African and international research management community. The IPRC Secretariat is hosted by the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA). The purpose of the IPRC is to:

To ensure continuity, the terms of the newly appointed members shall be staggered such that no more than one third of the members end their term in the same year. In order to accomplish this, one third of the members will be appointed on a term of one year (1 Oct 2023-1 Oct 2024), one third on a term of two years (1 Oct 2023-1 Oct 2025) and one third on a term of three years (1 Oct 2023-1 Oct 2026) on a once of basis. From there on, members shall be appointed to a term of three years. Members serve until the end of their term with the option to renew the membership for another term.

The IPRC operates virtually, although the aim is to leverage off existing conferences/meetings where most of the members would be in attendance to arrange one in-person meeting per year.

The IPRC is pleased to invite nominations from the RMA community to fill the vacancies in the following IPRC membership categories:

  1. Individuals who serve in the position of Pro or Deputy Vice-Chancellor for research (or equivalent) from the pan-African region (excluding southern Africa).
  2. Senior individuals from key agencies and/or organisations involved in the research and innovation system from the southern African region.

Nomination and selection

Please click here to complete the nomination form. Self-nominations are allowed. The closing date for nominations is 23 June 2023.  

  • The current IPRC members will consider and rank the nominations. It is expected that an appointment to the IPRC will be confirmed by 31 August 2023 (a letter will be sent via e-mail). Please note that shortlisted nominees may be contacted for a virtual interview may be requested if additional information is required.
  • Professional recognition through the IPRC is not a requirement but will be an advantage when applying for IPRC membership.

What is expected of IPRC members?

Serving on the IPRC is a voluntary appointment. It provides members with an opportunity to expand their RMA networks and relationships, to leverage their experience and, most importantly, to contribute significantly to the advancement of the research management and administration profession.  

Members are expected to serve on one of the IPRC sub-committees and to participate in sub-committee meetings, which are usually scheduled in advance of a full IPRC meeting. The work of the IPRC is currently performed through the following three sub-committees:  

  • Advocacy Committee – this committee serves to address issues related to the advancement and promotion of research management and administration, the IPRC and the professional recognition programme.
  • Technical Review Committee – this committee serves to conduct peer-review of applications for professional recognition and to confer professional status
  • Training Endorsement Committee- this committee serves to allocate training points to research management and administration training events for the purpose of continuing education and professional recognition.

Members are expected to participate in three IPRC meetings per year.  

Members are expected to inform and oversee the implementation of the IPRC strategy. 

Further information

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations and your contribution to elevate the profession of RMA in Africa.


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