What is the significance of professional recognition, both personally and professionally?

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Amma Afumwaa Appah (RMP), University of Ghana, Ghana

“Research management and administration has, thus far, been an interesting career journey. Having acquired this noble profession through serendipity, I have worked hard, learning on the job, and have come to appreciate its importance in higher education and as a career path worth pursuing. Gaining this professional recognition is a further step in my career progression and a boost to my confidence as a research manager. To have my work assessed and recognised by a body like the IPRC is a great achievement.”

This career milestone aligns with the University of Ghana’s vision for career development for its staff. An increase in the number of professionals in research management and administration in the West Africa sub-region is a boost to the profession. I look forward to advancing my career in research management and administration as I stride to improve myself.”

Dr Paul Gonza (RMP), Makerere University, Uganda

“Getting a Research Management Professional (RMP) certification signifies not only my commitment to honing the essential skills in effectively planning, organising, and overseeing research projects, but also my commitment to excellence and serving the needs of research scientists and administrators. This certification equips me with the knowledge to lead successful research endeavours, including grants or contracts management, intellectual property management, budgeting, ethics and integrity, and science communication. It serves as a valuable credential, showcasing expertise in navigating the complexities of research administration here at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI).

The IPRC recognition is one of the highest honours that I have accomplished, and a great deal to my career in research management in Africa. Thank you for supporting my professional development journey and passion for research management.”

Siyanda Manqele (RMP), University of Zululand, South Africa

“This recognition forms part of the significant highlights of my career achievements. To share three others: In 2021 I received an award for research management from SARIMA and the Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa, in 2023 I was appointed as an Editor for the Journal of Research Management & Administration (JoRMA), an open access journal published by Coventry University in the UK and I am the current chair of the SARIMA Eastern Region “Community of Practice” (CoP) in research ethics management which covers institutions in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and the Free State. I was also involved in the establishment of this COP.

After two years of preparing for the IPRC application, with a very strict review process, I have received the outcomes that I am now a certified research management professional recognised internationally by IPRC. This news came at the right time, where I have shifted my focus on being actively involved in a mentorship program for early career research administrators, which was presented as a poster at the 2023 INORMS conference held in Durban, South Africa. The program will be launched in October 2023.

I am extremely proud of myself and the journey I have travelled with big lessons learnt. My advice to all my peers in the field of research management would be – remain the best, be visible, always go an extra mile and be kind to yourself.”

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