Prof Olanike Adeyemo

Prof Olanike Adeyemo is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. In this role she repositioned and developed capacity and she successfully fostered research partnerships/linkages between the University and industrial, governmental, and international organisations. She facilitated the revision and implementation of the research policy and the research management office’s structure and operations. She was actively involved in training research administrators through the University Administration Support Program (UASP) Fellowships in partnership with IREX in the USA.

Prof Adeyemo is also a Professor of Aquatic Epidemiology and Toxicology and she pioneered scholarship and leadership in “One Health”, an innovative transdisciplinary research programme that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms to develop novel conceptual, methodological, and translational innovation at the environment-livestock-wildlife-human interface. Professor Adeyemo is reputed for excellent leadership skills, creative thinking, high level of integrity, and ability to identify and nurture talents.

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