Dr Mariam Aisha

Picture_Stella Kakeeto
Senior Manager, Xiamen University Malaysia and Board Member of the Malaysia Association of Research Managers and Administrators (MyRMA), Mariam has nearly two decades of experience in academia playing roles as an academic, researcher, manager, mentor and advisor. She is a scholar of the Malaysian Government King’s Scholarship programme and the founder of emmaihsan.com. She was the executive committee for RIPHEN Malaysia, a consortia project which ended in 2022 and was a co-founder of Migrant Workers Health Research Network (MigWHealth) in 2015-2022. Presently, she chairs the national symposium for research management and administration since its inauguration. Mariam has >40 academic and research publications and was a managing editor and deputy executive editor for two academic journals and proceedings. She recently published a book ‘Research Inspired: The Journey of Research Students and Academics Ed.1’ in 2023 for postgraduate students and young academics. She appreciates culture, diversity and inclusivity for the promotion of sustainable communities.
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