Dr José Jackson-Malete

Dr José Jackson-Malete is the Co-Director of the Alliance for African Partnerships (AAP) at Michigan State University, an initiative established by the University in 2016 that builds on its 60 year history of partnerships in Africa to develop new, innovative ways of partnering with African institutions and co-create solutions to global challenges. She has responsibilities for establishing a robust network of innovative partnerships among MSU, African universities, and other international partners; ensuring that the AAP has a governance structure that reflects and promotes the model of co-creation; strengthening capacity amongst partner institutions; promoting programs for women in science as well as attracting a diversity of resources necessary to achieve its vision of impact.

Dr Jackson-Malete is the former President of the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) and led SARIMA’s efforts in the professionalisation of research management. She is a food scientist, and has over 20 years experience in research, teaching and working in industry in Africa, the Caribbean and the USA, particularly within the Agriculture sector. She maintains an active research program that focuses on processing and adding value to indigenous fruit and vegetable products, ensuring quality and safety, contributing to food and nutrition security, while improving livelihoods for communities.

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