IPRC STARS Programme

The International Professional Recognition Council (IPRC), hosted by SARIMA, recently launched the STARS Programme as an initiative to support the work of the Advocacy Committee which is one of the sub-committees of the IPRC. The Advocacy Committee serves to address issues related to the advancement and promotion of research management, the IPRC and the professional recognition programme for research management.

The programme participants are recognised research management professionals – individuals who possess the skills and experience, who were tested and affirmed as professionals and who will reach out and share their experience with others. They are the STARS who extend the work of the IPRC into their institutions and professional communities.

The programme participants will work towards accomplishing the following objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of the professional recognition programme for research management within their institutions and professional communities.
  2. To encourage and support research managers at their institutions and in their professional communities to apply for professional recognition; and
  3. To advocate for institutional buy-in for professional recognition

The programme will connect recognised professionals through a community of interest and will offer them opportunities for further professional development.

The professional recognition programme is growing gradually. To date, the IPRC has conferred nine Senior Research Management Professionals (SRMP) and six Research Management Professionals (RMP) with status. The next call for professional recognition will open in September 2021. A new professional category, that of Candidate Research Management Professional (CRMP) for new entrants to the profession will be launched. Applicants can also look forward to using a brand-new online application system.


Written by Karin Dyason, SARIMA Project Manager

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